Here in Toronto

It’s funny how when you leave a place and come back to visit you notice the changes but those who have been there all along don’t and yet recently in the last few years that doesn’t seem to apply anymore especially in the city. Here in Toronto(my birthplace)I have left over the years to live in other places but always came back home to a city that has become so wonderfully diverse and accepting. One place that I have noticed that seems to have change quite a bit is Church St which is known has the gay village and seems to be one third the size from when I first visited years ago(those were the days). This community has lost some of its Magic and I usually hear this from returning visitors from abroad who wonder how is it that Toronto hosts one of the biggest gay pride festivals in the world and our village is shrinking. One of those places that closed down recently to make room for a condo(of course)was Zippers/Cell block a dance< live entertainment the kind of place where somebody knows your name and somebodys is glad you came(cheers), which sent the long time patron scattered to the wind searching for a new local. In England when you move to a new community the first thing they ask is where the local pub is to get aqainted with people and the area but we are losing that here to make room for big business, don’t get me wrong I understand and accept that the city is growing but at what cost, there should be a balance of both. Anyways let me know how you fell about my little blog and what letter or letters in LGBTQ best represent you and your view point on this and our future. Bye for Bare



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