Driving Rehab

ViralView Driving Rehab is a Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) Approved Driver Assessment Center we are dedicated to assisting people with injuries, disabilities or driving challenges to regain driving independence. ViralView provides leading driver rehabilitation programs and services especially designed for people who:

  • Have a medical condition or physical disability that affects their ability to drive safely such as:
  1. Alzheimers
  2. Dementia
  3. Amputation
  4. Stroke
  5. Spinal Cord
  6. Brain Injuries
  7. Arthritis and others
  • Have Driver or Passenger Anxiety – including adults and children
  • Need adaptive driving equipment
  • Need an Assessment for License Eligibility
  • Have “visual deficits” that require a Vision Waiver Assessment for MTO
  • Are older adults concerned about their driving ability
  • Have a medically suspended driver’s license due to a medical condition


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